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FINAVATOR's goal is to help your business accelerate and innovate to enable the benefits of the Future of Finance

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FINAVATOR is an award-winning future of finance advisory firm that works with companies to solve their payment challenges, drive growth, and create new revenue streams.

FINAVATOR has worked with major banks, credit unions, key global fintechs, payment networks and technology companies to help them create innovative solutions for their customers.


Our strong sense of purpose at Finavator drives us to contribute positively to the world, and share the same sense of purpose with our clients. We are proud to contribute to the following SDGs:

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Build Resilient Infrastructure, promote inclusiveness and sustainable industrialisation and foster innovation. Finavator strives to assist our clients develop more secure, comfortable and effective financial products and services, to increase financial inclusion and use within the ecosystem.

  • Our services have enabled our clients to ensure the resiliency and safety of their financial infrastructure, with respect to cybersecurity, operational inefficiencies and more.

  • Finavator’s assistance towards developing more accessible and comfortable financial products has increased the uses of these products by those previously underserved.

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Reduce inequalities within and among countries 

  • Our services have allowed the development of financial products to cater to previously underserved markets, with our past projects including children/ early bankers, those with a low history of credit, etc. 

  • Finavator’s determined involvement with the Open Finance Network of Canada continues to serve as expert advocates for Open Banking, which will improve financial and data autonomy for all.

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Gender Equality


  • We value the welcoming of all gender identifications on our team, and ensure their comfort, development and wellbeing at Finavator.

  • We have a strict one strike policy against acts of ethnic, religious and gender discrimination. 

  • We pride the collaborations of our diverse team and allow great autonomy amongst our associates at all levels to contribute to business and managerial decisions.

Our Mission

Finavator's mission is to help companies drive towards the future of finance with more diverse, innovative and affordable financial services offerings. We achieve this by leveraging our global network and payment expertise. 


FINAVATOR works with Banks, Credit Unions, Fintechs, Payment Networks and Technology Companies to solve their payment challenges, drive growth and create new revenue streams.


Our team are experts in everything related to the Future of Finance including: Sales Acceleration, Strategic Partnerships, Innovative Marketing, Prepaid Expertise, Go-To Market Strategy, Product Innovation, and Market Insights and Trends. 

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Prepaid Expertise

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Sales Acceleration

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Strategic Partnerships

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Innovative Marketing

Past Projects

Past Projects


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  • Enabled all aspects of Bank Prepaid BIN sponsorship for a Canadian challenger bank

  • Created a B2B Reloadable Card Program for a Canadian FinTech

  • Helped a Canadian challenger bank create and launch a Prepaid Program for the Canadian market 

  • Created Buy Now Pay Later (BNPL) offerings for three key clients

  • Created and launched an Educational Debit MasterCard for Kids for a Canadian challenger bank - one of the first three in the country

Open Finance

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  • Assessment of online payments methods from around the world to determine Open Banking readiness and cost optimization 


  • Host of OFNC Youtube Series 

  • Host of OFNC Monthly Industry Discussion 


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  • Created a B2B crypto loyalty reward infrastructure

  • Assisted a Nationally  chartered US bank in exploring crypto custody and determining if there was a strategic fit

  • Helped a new blockchain start-up to build a crypto prepaid card ecosystem 


With our many years of experience in the payments and Fintech industry, we know the ins- and outs of this industry, and can assist you with developing your ESG disclosures/ data, ESG strategies and future benchmarking. At Finavator, we are committed to helping Fintech prosper through shifting market needs.
Data Reporting: We follow TCFD, SASB, GRI, SDG and other disclosures to identify the reportable information needed for your ESG Report. Additionally, we can assist you with compiling your reports to be published. 

Education: ESG is not merely a top-down approach; it is deeply embedded in the mission, vision and value of your company. Finavator can help educate and train your employees to appreciate and comply with your ESG goals. 

ESG Strategy and Benchmarking: We can assist you with identifying opportunities for improvement, in addition to setting intermittent goals to be a leader within your industry. 

Compliance and adherence: We can help you develop achievable and cost-effective benchmarks to establish and enhance your ESG positions. This can be through management goals, and through programs for employee involvement, or other solutions that are uniquely tailored to your company.

Women's Entrepreneurship Day
United Nations New York

FinTech MeetUp Vegas 
Fireside Chat with Ginger Baker Head of Financial Access at Plaid

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Money 20/20 Amsterdam
Main Stage on"Smooth Operators: Alternative Digital and "Phygital"Customer Experiences"

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Michelle Beyo is the CEO and Founder of FINAVATOR, an award-winning Payments and Future of Finance consultancy. She is also a TEDx Speaker, WEDO United Nations speaker, Money 20/20 Rise Up alumni, board advisor to Open Banking Expo and the President and a Board Member at the Open Finance Network of Canada (OFNC). 


With over 20 years of extensive industry experience, Michelle started FINAVATOR as she is passionate about payments and financial inclusion. She has helped to drive innovation across the retail and payments space, and supported the growth of industry leaders across North America. Michelle Beyo has won multiple awards including the “Top 30 Best CEOs in 2021” by The Silicon Valley Review, “Women in Fintech Global Powerlist” 2021, “Most Influential Leader in FinTech Consulting 2020 – Canada” by Corporate Vision.

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Our Clients

Client Testimonials




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Alex Preece
CEO and Founder

“Michelle has an exceptional track record of helping organizations like Tillo to maximize their potential across the finance sector. We see enormous benefits within the fintech sector in the US and UK for driving customer acquisition and long-term relationships using the power of gift cards.  Drawing on Michelle’s experience and expertise will enable us to help them to accelerate growth.”